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The overall objectives of the research are to:

· Increase sustainability of the built environment with respect to flood risk

· Propose steps towards improved urban flood management in Sweden

Project History

SUrF (Sustainable Urban Flood Management) is a multi-disciplinary research project at Lund University. The decision by Formas to support this project was made 16 June, 2015. According to the decision,  this project is financially supported through 12.159 MSEK for three years. The nominal project duration is 1 October, 2015 - 30 September, 2018.


All participants are listed under Contact. We have researchers from 6 departments at Lund University, and 1 department at Malmö University. There are 5 co-funding organisations.

Co-funders are Sweden Water Research, Region Skåne, Höje å Vattenråd, Länsförsäkringar Skåne, Göteborgs stad, and kretslopp och vatten. The role of the co-funders are twofold. They form a reference group which contribute with ideas based on their practical experience from working with stormwater and urban flooding issues. They also provide data and information to the researchers.

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